JavaScript Tutorial

Advantages of JavaScript | Why should you learn JavaScript?
Where to write JavaScript and run JavaScript programs?
Outputs in JavaScript
Variables in JavaScript

Var Keyword Javascript
let keyword → for a variable with definite scope
Javascript Const
Javascript identifiers
Javascript Data Types
JavaScript Operators

Javascript Arithmetic Operators
Javascript Assignment Operators
Javascript Comparison Operators
Javascript Logical Operators
Bitwise Operators Javascript
JavaScript Comments
Javascript Functions

Function expression Javascript
Arrow Functions Javascript
JavaScript Objects
How to execute the JavaScript program
Javascript Hoisting
Closures JavaScript
Shadowing JavaScript
Decision Making in JavaScript
Ternary operator JavaScript
Switch Statements JavaScript
Loop JavaScript

For loop JavaScript
While Loop Javascript
Do While Loop Javascript
Break Keyword Javascript
Continue Keyword Javascript
For Loop Javascript
For in Loop Javascript
String in Javascript

1. JavaScript String Methods

Javascript String Indexof() Method
JavaScript String lastIndexOf() Method
Javascript String Search Method
Javascript String Slice Method
Javascript String Substring Method
Javascript String Uppercase() Method
String to Lowercase Javascript
Javascript String Trim
JavaScript String charAt () method
Events in Javascript

Onclick Event In Javascript
Onpaste event in Javascript
Oncopy Event In Javascript
Ondblclick Event in Javascript
Onmouseover Event in Javascript
Onmouseout Event in Javascript
Onmousedown Event in Javascript
Onmouseup Event in Javascript
Arrays in JavaScript

1. javascript array length
2. Array Methods in Javascript

Javascript Array to String
Javascript Array Join
Javascript Array pop
Javascript Array Push
Javascript Array Shift
Javascript Unshift
▪ JavaScript Slice Method
Sets in JavaScript

JavaScript Set Add
JavaScript Set Has
Set Size Property JavaScript
JavaScript Set Delete
Map in JavaScript

JavaScript Map set
▪ Can Map have duplicate keys?
JavaScript Map get
JavaScript Map has
JavaScript Map keys
JavaScript Map values
JavaScript Map delete
Javascript Date Objects

1. Some more ways to create date object
2. Different methods related to date

▪ Getting the date(getDate method)
▪ Getting the day of the week(getDay method)
▪ Getting the year(getFullYear method)
▪ Getting the time (getTime method)
▪ Getting the hours (getHours method)
▪ Getting the minutes(getMinutes method)
▪ Getting the seconds (getSeconds method)
Understanding this keyword
Introduction to DOM (Document Object Model)

1. Finding the HTML elements in the document
2. What are nodes?
3. Accessing different HTML elements

• Finding the element by id
• Finding elements by classname
• The querySelector method
• The querySelectorAll method
4. Exploring DOM
5. Difference between innerHTML, innerText, and textContent
6. You can also change the style of HTML elements
7. Displaying output to the console, as errors and warning
8. Creating new elements with JavaScript
9. Handling events