Introduction to JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript

We are now going to dive into the details of JavaScript. But before we proceed, it is quite an assumption that you have at least some knowledge about HTML(HyperText Markup Language), and CSS(Cascading Style sheets), because we are going to play much with these things throughout the course and if you have an idea about HTML and CSS, it will surely help you.

So, with this, let’s see the Introduction to JavaScript –

Till now, you might have learned HTML, and now, you know how can you create a website using different elements. Also, you might have learned CSS, and now you can style your web pages pretty easily. But now, it is time to add some interactivity to the web pages. So, here comes JavaScript.

So, JavaScript is the programming language of the web. You might be knowing that we can create web pages with HTML, and style them with CSS. You might also be knowing that the website or the webpage that you make with HTML and CSS looks pretty good. But when JavaScript joins the party, The website becomes EVEN MORE POWERFUL!!!!!!

Simply, I want to say that JavaScript gives life to your web pages. It simply adds a sort of interactivity i.e what happens when you press this button, what happens when the page loads fully, what happens when the checkbox is checked or unchecked, and much much more. Basically, with JavaScript, we are controlling the behavior of the web page.

So, with JavaScript in the party, when the user clicks on a button, something happens, and there are a lot more things that can be done with JavaScript.

I think after reading this, you are now even more excited than ever. So, now let’s not waste time here, and let’s quickly jump to the advantages of learning JavaScript.