HTML Tutorial

HTML Attributes

HTML Attributes Well, attributes are just some extra information given with the start tags to specify something different for some particular tag. Like in the unordered lists, you get that disc bullets by default. But if you wish to have square bullets, you can surely have those, with the help of attribute. In such cases,

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HTML Footer Tag

HTML footer The footer tag is often used to represent the footer for the HTML document, which typically contains the things like copyright information, contact information, other links, some documents, etc. You can have many footer tags inside one HTML document. Here is the code for using the footer tag → <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”>

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HTML header tag

Header tag in HTML The header tag is often used to represent the introductory content of the website, like some headings, navigation links, logo, and some other information. You can use several header tags in one HTML document, but don’t use a header tag inside the header tag, a footer tag, etc. Below is the

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Iframe HTML

Iframe tag HTML Well, the iframe element represents some nested frame in our current document. In other words, we are embedding another HTML document into the current one. First of all, let’s see how can we add an inline frame to our HTML document. Have a look at the below example, where we are trying

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HTML main tag

HTML main tag Well, as the name of the tag suggests, it is used to specify the main(dominant) content in the document. We can say that the main element contains the dominating content of the body of the document. The content of the main element is supposed to be unique throughout the document. Let’s have

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