HTML Tutorial

HTML Nav Tag

Nav Tag in HTML The nav tag is used for bringing the navigation links together. It is not compulsory that you have to keep all your links in the nav tag, but the nav tag just defines a set of some major navigation links. This is just used for quick navigation between the web pages.

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HTML Address Tag

Address Tag in HTML The address tag is used for defining some information about the owner of the particular document. The information can be anything like website URL, social media accounts, email address, es, and some other contact information. For example, if the address tag is being used within the article tag, then it is

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HTML Section Tag

Section Tag in HTML As the name suggests, the section tag defines some standalone sections of the document. We should be using it when there is nothing more specific for representation since this is a generic section element. Have a look at the below example, where we are trying to use the section element –

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HTML Article Tag

Article Tag in HTML The article defines an independent, self-contained content. It’s like writing some independent information (article) about something, which may be a blog post, an article from some newspaper or a magazine, a forum post, a user comment, or some piece of independent content. Here is the example implementation for the same –

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HTML Code Tag

Code Tag in HTML We use the code tag to define some computer code. The content within the tag is shown in the monospace font. Simply, we are defining some computer code(). Have a look at the below example, where we are trying to use the code tag → <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta

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HTML Pre Tag

HTML Pre Tag Many a time, we might require to retain the spaces and newlines that occur in the text, like if we are putting some python code into our web page, the spaces (indents) have totally different importance, and they need to be retained. If we are in such a situation, the pre-tag is

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HTML Sup Tag

Sup Tag (Superscript) At times, we are required to represent some content as superscript. Well, superscript means that it is slightly above the other text. For example, if we want to represent some mathematical equation, or simply if we want to write a square of 4 that is equal to 16, we would simply write

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HTML Sub Tag

Sub Tag (Subscription) At times, we are required to represent some content in our document in the subscript format. When we say subscript, it is slightly below the normal font. For example, if we are required to represent the formula of water, which is H2O, where 2 is in the subscript as you can see,

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