CSS Tutorial

CSS Responsive

CSS Responsive Web designing Earlier, mobile devices were not there. The websites that were being designed at that time, used to be seen with the help of a computer device. But soon after that, mobile devices have begun to come into the picture. But the websites were not made for them, so the browsers would

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CSS Animation

CSS Animation As the name suggests, we can perform animations on HTML elements, without even knowing about any JavaScript. Here, we are going to witness two components, the styles which describe the animations, and the keyframes, which indicate the different states of animation. Now, let’s see the animations in action. First of all, understand that

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CSS Transform

CSS Transform Property With transform property we can do different transformations to our element, like moving, rotating, scaling, and skewing some element. This is often useful for our web pages in a variety of ways. We are first going to observe some 2D transformations and then will move on to some 3D transformations. So, as

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CSS Transition

CSS Transition Property Transition simply means a smooth change of property values. This means just imagine that there is some div, and you feel that whenever you hover over the div, the width should be increased. You can achieve this very easily, without any headache using the: hover pseudo-class. We are going to make use

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CSS Filter

CSS Filter Property Whenever we click pictures on our mobile phones, we can put some filters onto the images, as the visual effects, for doing things like making the image black and white, increasing or decreasing the brightness, and contrast, or making the image blur, and some more things. Similar to this, we can do

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CSS Grid Layout

Grid layout While we were dealing with flexbox, we got some power to align things in a better way. But with flexbox, we were working with only one dimension, which means either row or column. To solve this problem, we have another layout, called a grid layout. Now, with a grid layout, we can work

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CSS Flexbox

CSS Flexbox We have been dealing with the display property, and we have seen some values related to it, like block, inline, and inline-block. Now, we are going to head up to the concept of flexbox. The flexible box module, or the flexbox, is something, with which, we can get the power to align the

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CSS Z-Index

CSS z-index Note: This property is only applicable to the positioned element, which means that the position of the element should not be static. So, what does this property determine? It determines the stack level of the element in the stacking context. This means that if the elements are positioned, it may happen that they

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CSS Position

CSS Position property As the name of the property says, it has to do something with the position of the element in the document. There are some values for the property, like static, relative, absolute, fixed, and sticky. We are going to have a look at all these properties one by one. We are going

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