CSS Tutorial

CSS Selectors

CSS Selectors When we are writing some CSS, there are some important things that we have to keep in mind. Like, when we are writing CSS, we have to specify what kind of element, or a group of elements, we want to specify those rules. For example, if we want to specify a set of

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External CSS

In an inline way, we are just using the style attribute, to style the particular element. On the other hand, in an internal way, we are writing the CSS, within the <style> element, in the head section. Whereas, there is another way, which is external CSS, in which, we are just creating another file, and

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Internal CSS

Internal CSS Another way to add CSS to our web pages is by using Internal CSS styling. Basically, we are going to write our CSS, in the HTML files, but inside an <style> element in the head. If it confuses you, don’t worry, we are going to take an example. Let’s consider an example, where

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Inline CSS

Inline CSS Inline CSS is used when we want to style only one element. We use Inline CSS to style some single elements. There is a style attribute in HTML, and we are going to use it, to achieve styling that particular element. It is like personally going to the element, and providing all the

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