CSS Fonts

Well, if we ever want to play with the font of the text on our web pages, we can do that using several font-related properties. Remember that it is better to use a font, which is easy to read. So, we are going to have a look at several properties, like –

  • font-family →
    The font-family property is used to define a list of fonts for some elements. (the first font is the first preference, and the last font is generic)
  • font-size →
    As the name of the property says, the font-size property is used to define the font size for some element
  • font-style →
    The font-style property is used to set the style of the font
  • font-weight →
    The font-weight property is used to define the boldness of the text
  • font-variant. →
    This property is used to specify whether or not the text should be displayed in the small caps.

Let’s have a look at them one by one –