Is Machine Learning a Good Career?

Machine learning is becoming increasingly popular these days, with a wide, and growing range of applications, in various areas of work, from a personal assistant in your mobile or some other device to self-driving vehicles on the roads. In these years, we have seen great growth in the Machine learning Industry, and it is finding its applications everywhere.

You can simply have a glimpse of the facts and figures about Machine learning, and its applications. Even many of us today, experience or use Machine learning in some or the other way, knowingly, or unknowingly.

So, when Machine learning is booming so much, this can be a valid question, that – Is Machine Learning a Good Career? If there is chaos in your mind related to your career, and you are looking if Machine learning is a good career? Well, the answer can be certainly Yes because it is there to stay, but we will have a discussion about this as you read further, so you can decide if Machine learning is a good career for you.

Is Machine learning a good career?

Machine learning is growing at a massive speed, and helping humans, making their life easy in many terms. Even we can say when Machines are contributing to more development of Machine learning, and in other areas, the development will happen much faster in comparison.

Machine Learning Engineers are in high demand and have great opportunities working in different areas, earning handsome salaries. So, if in case you are in search of opportunities, and high pay scales, and you got the right skills, Machine learning is the field that you should go for.

Machine Learning is just not the future. It is happening now. In many cases, machine learning is making things incredibly simple, convenient, and helpful in many terms. As a consequence, we may experience job cuts in many tasks which can be automated, because a machine does it better and faster than a human.

But when it comes to Machine learning as a career, surely there is a wide scope, and there is a wide range of opportunities that you can get if you have got the right skills related to Machine learning. Furthermore, learning some additional stuff can get you landed for some Data Science jobs, which again can be considered as a great choice for a career ahead. Simply speaking, just having the right skills at the right time, can get you to the right place.

We didn’t mention any statistical amounts here, showing the number of opportunities, or the salaries of the individuals, since they are just figures, that keep on changing, but if we talk about opportunities, there is a lot in Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science industry, with a very wide range of applications.

Due to Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, many things that are happening today, were seeming to be impossible before. Machine learning is being used in solving many different problems, and it gives us an idea, that already most of the things that we thought impossible are happening today, and what about the things that are not in our thoughts? They are even beyond the impossible.

So, as a general statement, the answer to “Is machine learning a good career”, is Yes, considering the scope, opportunities, and moving towards the future. Here are some of the reasons, stating why Machine learning is a good career.

  • Attractive Pay scale
  • Career Growth
  • Opportunities
  • Various applications
  • Moving in a different dimension of Technological growth.

Let’s explore them one by one. 

Attractive Pay scale

Well, if you look at the basic statistics of how much a Machine learning Engineer, a Data Scientist, or anyone in relation to Machine learning gets paid, you would have your eyes wide open(there may be some exceptions, which may vary from country to country as well). But the thing is that generally, Machine learning engineers, Data Scientists, earn handsome salaries, making it one of the reasons many pursue Machine learning or Data Science as a career.

Career Growth

Nowadays, things have become so simple and abstract, that anyone can get started with learning Machine learning, and Data Science, and get going into a career with vast opportunities. The thing is that just by writing some programs, or just through some tools, we can do many things, like data visualization, analysis, training, and all that crazy stuff.

So, with Machine learning or Data Science, you can take your career to new heights, unlocking new possibilities. You can experience exponential growth in the industry and as a career.


Talking about opportunities, Machine learning has applications in many different areas, which is why there are a lot of opportunities that you can grab. This is an emerging technology, so you can explore its potential. You might have seen that many people have lost their jobs due to some impact of Machine learning, but at the same time, Machine learning has created many job opportunities.

Again touching the point, someone who has the right skills at the right time, would be in the right place. So, you can learn the right skills and be ready for the opportunities.

Various Applications

As you might be knowing already, Machine learning has got a wide range of applications in various areas, like Transportation, Security, Entertainment, Medical, and many more. So, with vast applications come vast opportunities as well. So, you can get the right skills, and get into Machine learning as a career.

Moving in a different dimension of technological growth

The IT industry is itself an ocean, and like we have found Machine learning as a hidden cave in the ocean, which many have started exploring. Machine learning is already being used in doing things, which are either hard for humans, or close to impossible. This unlocks a lot of possibilities ahead in the field, contributing to the tremendous technological growth of the world.

Will other jobs suffer due to Machine learning?

In many cases(not all), much of the work that we are doing today, is kind of repetitive, or in other words, it can be automated, with some little effort, making it more cost-effective, and also, we can eliminate the human errors in the tasks, for all these things, what job profiles are today, may fade away with time.

For example, let’s consider autonomous vehicles(this is just a basic example, and there is a lot more happening than this). They are driving by themselves on the road, so this puts a driver’s job in a danger zone. Already, many people don’t hire a driver mostly but drive on their own, but otherwise where a driver was required, now the vehicle is autonomous.

In the worst case, it will take away jobs, or we can also say that instead of all the drivers driving all the vehicles, there would just be some people, monitoring all the running vehicles for some particular organization, just like security people in a control room.

But understand that autonomous vehicles bring in convenient long journeys, since you do not have to take an effort for driving, and human error can also be eliminated, which would have become a fatal cause of injuries.

So, most of the jobs which involve repetitive stuff, which can be thought of as being automated, may not exist in a few years as a job for human beings in the worst case or may witness a heavy job cut, keeping only the best people at work.

So, you don’t have to be in a panic state, and you should be worry-free if you have a job that can be automated in the future, but just grab the right skills at the right time, and you would be in the right place.


So, Machine learning is a great career choice for many. If you want to get into Machine learning as a career, you can explore the prerequisites for Machine learning, and explore more about these fields.

Machine learning has changed the way many things are done, and there is a wide range of applications of Machine learning. So, in this stage, machine learning can be not only a good but a great career choice for many.

You can also explore Python programming language, Machine learning, and other stuff. If you start to explore, it is like you just dived into the ocean, and you are now swimming deep into the waters.

FAQs related to Is Machine learning a good career

Q: What is Machine learning?

Ans: Machine learning enables machines, to learn from the data, and make predictions, or take decisions, without being explicitly programmed for each task.

Q: What are some examples of applications of Machine learning?

Ans: Here are some of the examples of applications of Machine learning –
1. Movie Recommendation
2. Virtual Assistant
3. Self-driving cars
4. Image recognition
5. Fraud Detection
6. Spam email filtering
And many more.

Q: Is Machine learning a high-paying job?

Ans: Yes, Machine learning Engineers get a handsome salary, with many job opportunities.

Q: Is machine learning in demand?

Ans: Yes, looking at the applications, and the growth in the industry, and according to the statistics and growth projection, we can say that Machine Learning is in demand.

Q: Is learning machine learning hard?

Ans: Learning machine learning is not that hard, it is relatively easy, especially if you are already familiar with some programming languages like Python, and some mathematics. But, anyways, you can learn it easily.