Understanding different HTML elements

HTML elements

There are many tags in HTML. Some are now known to us and some are going to be discussed from now onwards. The thing is that tags are the elements that represent something related to the web page. Like, there can be a tag, which represents a paragraph, a tag may be there for representing the links(it is literally the tag. This is not a grammatical mistake, but the tag name of the tag used for creating a link is also a), some tags for headings, some for image, some for the table, etc.

So, you can say that tag is a way to tell the browser, what we want to do with the text. Like if you want to create an unordered list, you just make use of the ul tag, and you define each element of the unordered list using the li (list item)tag.

Again, if you want to make a text bold, you will certainly make use of the b tag. It’s that easy to understand the concept of tags in HTML. You’ll probably have some tag for doing something in HTML. There is some tag for the table, image, links, video, paragraph, and many many more things…

So, we are going to look for many tags that are used quite frequently. The thing is that we have previously discussed briefly some tags. So, we are going to include those tags again here, for revision. So, let’s now jump to those tags →